initrz/src d---------
mkinitrz: Remove unused function in initramfs_modules
mkinitrz: Remove unused costant
Remove unused imports
Remove common library and move code to module_loader module
mkinitrz: Read modules from modules.dep
mkinitrz: Improve modules discovery
Refactor common code into a new module and improve module packing
initrz: Load compressed modules
initrz: Add context message in module_loader
initrz: Remove unused function load_all_modules
initrz: Simplify iterator usage in module_loader
initrz: Add debug message in load_module
initrz: Remove unused dependencies
initrz: Replace for with iterators in ModuleLoader
mkinitrz: Add initial implementation
initrz: Update info message
Update and add mkinitrz dependencies
initrz: Remove unused features from Cargo.toml
initrz: Load uncompressed modules

Instead of uncompressed modules (module.ko) instead of compressed
ones (module.ko.xz).
initrz: Reverse the order of module dependencies

The correct order is from right to left, so reverse the
dependencies read from modules.dep.