A gemini wiki, edited with sed commands
Modify regex_replace to return Iterator
Cleanup edit function
Use CRLF in response headers


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A gemini wiki, edited with sed commands

#Getting started

Clone the repo and build using cargo build --release. If you want a static Linux binary, rust-musl-builder is easy to use.

Use a Gemini server with CGI support (Jetforce and Gemserv (with my PATH_INFO patch) are known to work). Refer to server documentation on setting up CGI. Set TWINWIKI_DB to a persistent directory writable by the CGI script; that's where the data will reside.



Feel free to create new pages as you wish and edit the existing ones. Changes can be reverted.


See the project page at https://sr.ht/~dancek/twinwiki/

The project mailing list is ~dancek/twinwiki-devel@lists.sr.ht. Discussion, bug reports and patches are welcome.

Maintenance is on a volunteer as-long-as-it's-a-fun-hobby basis.


Copyright 2020 Hannu Hartikainen

Twinwiki is licensed under the terms of GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 or later.

See COPYING for more information.