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#LSP Plugin for jEdit

This plugin adds support for the Language Server Protocol (LSP) to jEdit.

This protocol extracts IDE functionality into a separate process that text editors can communicate with, enabling advanced functionality without requiring each editor to implement it from scratch.

Hover Example


  • Code Completion
  • Diagnostics (via Error List)
  • Document Symbols (via SideKick)
  • Code Actions
  • Hover
  • Rename
  • Go-to Definition
  • Formatting


A few things are required to build this plugin:

  1. svn, for checking out the build-support project.
  2. ant, for running the build.
  3. Java 11, or whatever jEdit was built with (newer versions seem to fail since Nashorn was removed)

If you have all of those, then simply run:

$ make

It works for me on openSUSE Tumbleweed, and your mileage may vary if attempting to run on a different system.


Each edit mode can be configured to run a specific language server the first time a buffer of that mode is loaded.

Currently, only Go is pre-configured with the gopls command, but support for others can be defined in the Plugin Options pane.


  • Find a more generic way to display a list of selectable things, like workspace symbols