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This folder contains Nomad job definitions.

#Running (new way)

First, make sure your .bashrc is set up correctly with something like

export NOMAD_ADDR="https://[2600:3c04::f03c:92ff:fed4:f455]:4646"
export NOMAD_CACERT="/etc/ssl/nomad/ca.pem"
export NOMAD_CLIENT_CERT="${HOME}/nomad-cli.pem"
export NOMAD_CLIENT_KEY="${HOME}/nomad-cli-key.pem"

Then you can submit jobs with the nomad command, or use nomad-compile from the tools directory if it requires substiution of secret values:

$ nomad-compile job.nomad.erb | nomad job run -

#Running (old way)

Jobs can be run from this repo using the run.sh script. Make sure that the NOMAD_ADDR environment variable is set and any environment variables you need saved in .env, then just run:

$ ./run.sh <job>