An experiment in running GTK applications with a web deployment model
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#GTK Webby

Webby is a proof-of-concept application that behaves like a browser, but one that renders native GTK applications rather than websites.

For additional information, check out the blog post: https://damienradtke.com/post/building-gtk-applications-like-websites/


To run, first make sure you have the following installed:

  1. Rust + Cargo
  2. GTK4 development libraries
  3. Lua 5.4 development libraries

An easy way to do this is to use nix-shell, or you can use your package manager.

Once these are installed, running is simply

$ cargo run



Running Webby will launch a window that can be used to load GTK "web" applications. A number of examples are included with Webby that only require Rust:

$ cd examples/hello
$ cargo run

Once the example is running, you can load it in Webby by using the URL http://localhost:8000.


When running the app, use Ctrl-Shift-D to open up the GTK inspector.

#Lua Scripting Reference

Webby supports Lua scripting by embedding code within a <web:script type="lua"> tag.

#Global Functions

Name Description
find_widget(id: String) -> Widget Find a widget by its Builder ID and return a reference to it
fetch(url: String, response: function(err, response)) Fetch a URL asynchronously. The provided callback will be invoked with either err or response populated.
alert(message: String) Open an alert dialog with a message
submit_form(method: String, action: String, values: Table) Submit a form

#Widget Methods

Name Description
connect(signal: String, after: Boolean, callback: function()) Connect a signal handler. Before invoking the callback, the global value this will be set to the widget
get_property(property_name: String) Get a property value; only works for primitive return types (like strings or booleans)
set_property(property_name: String, property_value: Any) Set a property value; only works for primitive types (like strings or booleans)
get_text() Get the text from an Entry's buffer
add_css_class(class: String) Add a CSS class
remove_css_class(class: String) Remove a CSS class
set_css_classes(classes: Array<String>) Set a list of CSS classes