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Remove input files
51 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 30928 deletions(-)

M .gitignore
D 2018/rust/day01/input
D 2018/rust/day02/input
D 2019/erlang/day01/input
D 2019/erlang/day02/input
D 2019/rust/day01/input
D 2019/rust/day02/input
D 2019/rust/day03/input
D 2019/rust/day05/input
D 2019/rust/day06/input
D 2019/rust/day07/input
D 2019/rust/day08/input
D 2019/rust/day09/input
D 2020/erlang/day01/input
D 2020/erlang/day02/input
D 2020/erlang/day03/input
D 2020/erlang/day04/input
D 2020/erlang/day05/input
D 2020/erlang/day06/input
D 2020/erlang/day07/input
D 2020/erlang/day08/input
D 2020/erlang/day09/input
D 2020/erlang/day10/input
D 2020/erlang/day11/input
D 2020/zig/day01/input
D 2020/zig/day02/input
D 2021/zig/day01/input
D 2021/zig/day02/input
D 2021/zig/day03/input
D 2021/zig/day04/input
D 2021/zig/day05/input
D 2021/zig/day06/input
D 2021/zig/day07/input
D 2021/zig/day08/input
D 2021/zig/day09/input
D 2021/zig/day10/input
D 2021/zig/day11/input
D 2021/zig/day12/input
D 2021/zig/day13/input
D 2021/zig/day14/input
D 2022/clojure/day01/input
D 2022/odin/day01/input
D 2022/odin/day02/input
D 2022/odin/day03/input
D 2022/odin/day04/input
D 2022/odin/day05/input
D 2022/odin/day06/input
D 2022/odin/day07/input
D 2022/rust/day07/input
D 2023/clojure/src/day01/input
D 2023/clojure/src/day02/input
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