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A simple yet robust commandline random password generator.

Multiplatform (Linux, Mac, Windows). Fast.

You can use it generate keys or passwords in scripts or use it as your primary desktop password generator.

Has extensive generative test suite, including tests against a Rust port of Dropbox's password strength tester zxcvbn

#Typical usage

genpass                  # use defaults, they're good
genpass 2048             # generate long password, can be used as a key
genpass --passphrase 128 # generate longer passphrase
genpass -dlu             # no special characters

#Generating a password directly into your system clipboard

On a Mac:

genpass | pbcopy

On Linux:

genpass | xclip -selection clipboard


On a system with Rust installed:

$ cargo install genpass

#Commandline options

$ genpass --help

    genpass [FLAGS] [length]

    -h, --help                 Prints help information
    -l, --include-lowercase    Generate the password using lowercase letters
    -n, --include-numeric      Generate the password using numeric characters
    -s, --include-special      Generate the password using special (non-alphanumeric) characters
    -u, --include-uppercase    Generate the password using uppercase letters
        --passphrase           Create a passphrase of (at least) the given length instead of a password.

    <length>    The length of the password to generate [default: 32]

#A note on passphrases

  • Passphrases are generated using EFF's "long" password list.
  • Passphrases are at least --length characters long, not necessarily exactly that long.

#A road to 1.0

TODOs to get genpass to 1.0


All contributions welcome ! Ideally - start a discussion with an issue first before contributing a PR.