0cf68e97b32dde42ca2ba64651cbc50d83995bb9 — Johann Rudloff 8 months ago f1d0f59 0.0.3
Include vendor/ directory in app package
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M Makefile
M Makefile => Makefile +2 -1
@@ 78,6 78,7 @@ source:
# Builds the source package for the app store, ignores php and js tests
.PHONY: appstore
	composer install --no-dev
	rm -rf $(appstore_build_directory)
	mkdir -p $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)
	mkdir -p $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)/css

@@ 86,7 87,7 @@ appstore:
	cp -av img/app.svg $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)/img
	mkdir -p $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)/js
	cp -av dist/js/{app,chunk-vendors}.js $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)/js
	cp -av {appinfo,lib,templates} $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)/
	cp -av {appinfo,lib,templates,vendor} $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)/
	find $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name) -iname \*.swp -delete
	tar cvzf $(appstore_package_name).tar.gz -C $(appstore_build_directory) $(app_name)
	rm -rf $(appstore_build_directory)/$(app_name)