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#Idris2 Quickdocs

This is an index generator and fast documentation browser for Idris2.

#Live Demo

A demo of this is hosted at https://idris2docs.sinyax.net


To generate the documentation index, you need Python 3, poetry and the mkdoc branch of my Idris2 fork (at least until the doc generation is ready to be upstreamed).


Updating and serving the docs is a bit rought for now, but all the pieces are available.

Run poetry install to install dependencies, then you can run the following:

IDRIS2_EXECUTABLE=path/to/idris2 IDRIS2_SRC=path/to/idris2/source/code ./rebuild_all.sh

The you can serve the current directory (don't do this in production!):

python3 -mhttp.server 8001

And your docs will be served at