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Tiny blackbox certificate expiry date exporter for Prometheus written in Erlang.

You configure which hosts should be scanned:

{targets, [
           {"elfelli.sinyax.net", 443},
           {"neo.sinyax.net", 443},
           {"git.sinyax.net", 443}

And ecertmon will export one metric for each configured target presenting the expiration date of the certificate (in Unix epoch seconds):

$ curl
tls_cert_expiry{hostname="elfelli.sinyax.net", port="443"} 1613347516
tls_cert_expiry{hostname="neo.sinyax.net", port="443"} 1613347549
tls_cert_expiry{hostname="git.sinyax.net", port="443"} 1611533202


If you're on macOS, use gmake instead of make in all following steps.

# Build the project
# (run from inside the source root directory)

make deps
make app


The config file is in config/sys.config under the key certmon. The config settings have quite descriptive names and should be self-explanatory.

#Run (from Source)

# Run the project
# (run from inside the source root directory)

make run

#Run (from Release)

TODO: Publish releases and document how to use them