ref: c41253492b6d9ba83cec931602aaa355908bdaed ecertmon/config/certmon.sample.config -rw-r--r-- 123 bytes
c4125349 — Johann Rudloff 9 months ago
Allow a certain threshold of errors before reporting invalid cert

A `max_error_count` config entry can be provided, if fewer than that
amount of errors occur, the certificate validity will be reported as the
"old" value (before the first error. If more than `max_error_count`
errors occur in a row, validity is reported as `0` (before this commit,
that was the default behaviour after the first error).
08c2ae1c — Johann Rudloff 10 months ago
Externalize configuration

Path to the configuration file is now passed via an environment
variable. This makes it possible to run the same release with different