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#Lighweight Coverage Tracking Server for Drone CI

The server has exactly 2 features:

  • Receive POSTed coverage summary results and store them per repo/branch
  • Provide badge SVGs with the current coverage. With color based on current coverage.

#Running the Server

pipenv install

# Optional, set database URI (default is ./dronecov.db)
export DRONECOV_DB_URI=sqlite:///./var/dronecov_data.db

pipenv run ./dronecov.py init
pipenv run gunicorn -b dronecov:app

# Generate access token
pipenv run ./dronecov.py token username "Token Name / Description"

SVGs are available at: http://localhost:5000/<username>/<reponame>/<branch>/coverage.svg

Set custom thresholds for error (red) and warning (orange): http://localhost:5000/<username>/<reponame>/<branch>/coverage.svg?error=60&warn=80

#Using the Reporter Plugin in Drone CI

In .drone.yml:


  # Your other steps ...

    image: cypheon/dronecov
    secrets: [ dronecov_access_token ]
    lcov_info: './path/to/coverage/total.info'
    server: https://your.coverage.server.example.com/dronecov-server/base-url/


Run development server:

pipenv install --dev

DRONECOV_DB_URI=sqlite:///./tests/tmp.db FLASK_DEBUG=1 FLASK_APP=dronecov.py pipenv run flask run

Run tests: