6823915dd025985c446df0003ddad24cf3a4eed1 — Thomas E. Hansen 11 months ago a598fec
[ tests ] Check REPL help text and module import cmds

The help text check is for making sure we update it when modifying
things, more than anything else.
M tests/Main.idr => tests/Main.idr +6 -0
@@ 184,6 184,11 @@ idrisTestsEvaluator = MkTestPool "Evaluation" [] Nothing
       "interpreter001", "interpreter002", "interpreter003", "interpreter004",
       "interpreter005", "interpreter006", "interpreter007", "interpreter008"]

idrisTestsREPL : TestPool
idrisTestsREPL = MkTestPool "REPL commands and help" [] Nothing
      [ "repl001", "repl002"

idrisTestsAllSchemes : Requirement -> TestPool
idrisTestsAllSchemes cg = MkTestPool
      ("Test across all scheme backends: " ++ show cg ++ " instance")

@@ 393,6 398,7 @@ main = runner $
  , testPaths "idris2" idrisTestsData
  , testPaths "idris2" idrisTestsBuiltin
  , testPaths "idris2" idrisTestsEvaluator
  , testPaths "idris2" idrisTestsREPL
  , testPaths "idris2" idrisTestsTotality
  , testPaths "idris2" idrisTestsSchemeEval
  , testPaths "idris2" idrisTestsReflection

A tests/idris2/repl001/expected => tests/idris2/repl001/expected +47 -0
@@ 0,0 1,47 @@
Main>  <expr>                                                Evaluate an expression
 :t :type          <expr>                              Check the type of an expression
 :ti               <expr>                              Check the type of an expression, showing implicit arguments
 :printdef         <expr>                              Show the definition of a function
 :s :search        <expr>                              Search for values by type
 :di               <name>                              Show debugging information for a name
 :module :import   <module>                            Import an extra module
 :package          <string>                            Import every module of the package
 :q :quit :exit                                        Exit the Idris system
 :cwd                                                  Displays the current working directory
 :cd               <string>                            Change the current working directory
 :sh               <string>                            Run a shell command
 :set              <option>                            Set an option
 :unset            <option>                            Unset an option
 :opts                                                 Show current options settings
 :c :compile       <file> <expr>                       Compile to an executable
 :exec             <expr>                              Compile to an executable and run
 :directive        <string>                            Set a codegen-specific directive
 :l :load          <string>                            Load a file
 :r :reload                                            Reload current file
 :e :edit                                              Edit current file using $EDITOR or $VISUAL
 :miss :missing    <name>                              Show missing clauses
 :total            <name>                              Check the totality of a name
 :doc              <keyword|expr>                      Show documentation for a keyword, a name, or a primitive
 :browse           <module>                            Browse contents of a namespace
 :log :logging     <string> <number>                   Set logging level
 :consolewidth     <number|auto>                       Set the width of the console output (0 for unbounded) (auto by default)
 :color :colour    (on|off)                            Whether to use color for the console output (enabled by default)
 :m :metavars                                          Show remaining proof obligations (metavariables or holes)
 :typeat           <l:number> <c:number> <n:string>    Show type of term <n> defined on line <l> and column <c>
 :cs :casesplit    <l:number> <c:number> <n:string>    Case split term <n> defined on line <l> and column <c>
 :ac :addclause    <l:number> <n:string>               Add clause to term <n> defined on line <l>
 :ml :makelemma    <l:number> <n:string>               Make lemma for term <n> defined on line <l>
 :mc :makecase     <l:number> <n:string>               Make case on term <n> defined on line <l>
 :mw :makewith     <l:number> <n:string>               Add with expression on term <n> defined on line <l>
 :intro            <l:number> <n:string>               Introduce unambiguous constructor in hole <n> defined on line <l>
 :refine           <l:number> <c:number> <h:string> <e:expr>Refine hole <h> with identifier <n> on line <l> and column <c>
 :ps :proofsearch  <l:number> <n:string> <h:[name]>    Search for a proof
 :psnext                                               Show next proof
 :gd               <l:number> <n:string> <r:number|0>  Search for a proof
 :gdnext                                               Show next definition
 :version                                              Display the Idris version
 :? :h :help                                           Display this help text
 :let              <decls>                             Define a new value
 :fs :fsearch      <expr>                              Search for global definitions by sketching the names distribution of the wanted type(s).
Bye for now!

A tests/idris2/repl001/input => tests/idris2/repl001/input +1 -0
@@ 0,0 1,1 @@

A tests/idris2/repl001/run => tests/idris2/repl001/run +1 -0
@@ 0,0 1,1 @@
$1 --no-color --console-width 0 --no-banner < input

A tests/idris2/repl002/expected => tests/idris2/repl002/expected +4 -0
@@ 0,0 1,4 @@
Main> Imported module Data.Nat
Main> Imported module Data.List
Bye for now!

A tests/idris2/repl002/input => tests/idris2/repl002/input +2 -0
@@ 0,0 1,2 @@
:module Data.Nat
:import Data.List

A tests/idris2/repl002/run => tests/idris2/repl002/run +1 -0
@@ 0,0 1,1 @@
$1 --no-color --console-width 0 --no-banner < input