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builds.sr.ht: Fix FreeBSD CI
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[ fix ] Disable top-level constants optimisation during incremental compilation


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#Idris 2

Documentation Status Build Status

Idris 2 is a purely functional programming language with first class types.

For installation instructions, see INSTALL.md.

The wiki lists a number of useful resources, in particular

#Things still missing

  • Cumulativity (currently Type : Type. Bear that in mind when you think you've proved something)
  • rewrite doesn't yet work on dependent types

#Contributions wanted

If you want to learn more about Idris, contributing to the compiler could be one way to do so. The contribution guidelines outline the process. Having read that, choose a good first issue or have a look at the contributions wanted for something more involved. This map should help you find your way around the source code. See the wiki page for more details.