Personal fork of https://github.com/idris-lang/Idris2


LLVM Backend and Native Runtime for Idris2


Nextcloud App to Manage Chores


Fast Idris2 Doc Browser with Fuzzy Matching


Self-hosted exercise tracking


Android Frontend for the Nextcloud App "Chores"


Tiny SAT Solver in Idris 2 using Linear Types


Generate SPICE netlists from Kicad Eeschema files


(read-only) access APFS disks / images from OCaml


Parse Netlists in (NG)SPICE Format


Calculate and visualize electric flux lines around charged bodies


A tiny toy x86 OS with multi tasking


An updated OCaml docset for Dash


Erlang TLS Certificate Expiration Monitor (Prometheus Exporter)


Live-updating versions of classic *nix binaries

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