A PHP website to create RPG characters.
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#RPG Character Creation

NOTE: As of 30 Mar 2021, the database serving this project no longer exists. This project will be updated at a later time. For now, it is not currently being developed.

Create a database filled with different character classes, stats that fall within each class’ restrictions (wizards could always have low strength but high magic for example), and maybe even a description generator populated with premade sentences pertaining to personality, skill, and history. For an interface, allow the user to select what kind of class or character they’d like, and a ROLL or GENERATE button that will fill in the rest. Bonus points: provide a print button that will produce a printer-friendly version of the character sheet.


  • Create template for site
  • Create database tables (race, class, skill)
  • Create sentences to explain each race, class, and skill (stored in a column in db tables for each race/class/skill)
  • Allow randomization of skills (or entire characters)
  • Print button to produce printer-friendly version

#App flow

  1. Choose race
  2. Choose class
  3. Choose gender
  4. Choose name
  5. Assign skill points (within ranges allowed for that class)