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#Crypt: A Password Manager

A simple command-line password manager, written in Rust. This tool allows you to manage accounts and generate random passwords containing ASCII letters, numbers, and punctuation or XKCD-like passphrases.

NOTE: This crate is not ready for use in production yet. There are many items still left to implement prior to a production-ready release - see the TODO section for more details.

#Table of Contents


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To install the package from Crates.io, run the following command:

cargo install crypt

Visit the Crypt page for more information.


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All arguments can be passed to the app with the following template:



Argument (Short) Argument (Long) Explanation
-h --help Print the welcome message
-n --new Create a new account
-l --list List all saved accounts
-e --edit [UUID] [FIELD] Edit a saved account
-d --delete [UUID] Delete a saved account
-p --purge Purge all accounts and delete the vault


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Any and all contributions are welcome. Feel free to fork the project, add features, and submit a pull request.


  • [x] Create an account in memory (as a struct)
  • [x] Allow random password generation
  • [x] Allow random passphrase generation
  • [x] Create an empty database or file, if not created yet
  • [x] Save new accounts to database or file
  • [x] Pretty-print all saved accounts
  • [ ] Allow editing of a saved account
  • [ ] Allow deletion of a saved account
  • [ ] Allow purging the database
  • [x] Allow user encryption of database or file
  • [x] Allow user-created keys to automatically encrypt/decrypt the database or file
  • [ ] Create test suite
  • [ ] Publish to crates.io when the package is in a minimally-usable state
  • [ ] Restructure and format code according to best practices (dead code, unused imports, etc.)



git clone https://github.com/christian-cleberg/crypt
cd crypt
#Local Testing

If you've made changes to the code and would like to test them, use the following commands.

cargo build --release
./target/release/crypt --help
#Building & Publishing

If you are ready to push your changes to crates.io, use the commands below. For beginners, note that you cannot publish changes to a crate you don't own (i.e. you must be added as a contributor on crates.io).

cargo --build release
cargo login [API_TOKEN]
cargo publish --dry-run
cargo publish