Professional IT Auditor and Data Analyst. Hobbyist programmer.


A database-free blogging platform powered by PHP, Markdown, and JSON.


A simple CLI password generator written in Python.


The professional resume of Christian Cleberg.


A dark Stylus theme for Hacker News.


A dark Stylus theme for Sourcehut.


A quick and easy web gallery for Tumblr photos/videos, written in PHP.


Photos is a dark-themed photography website with an adaptive, responsive layout and integrated gallery feature (on-click).


A showcase of web apps built as a form of education/training.


A visualization of world incarceration statistics.


Space Wiki is an informational wiki about space and the planets of our solar system.


A Rust CLI game used for personal learning.


The professional resume of Reminisce Cleberg.


[Deprecated] A really terrible Android app for taking notes.


A 401k calculation app.


A number guessing games written in C++.

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