A minimal, responsive, fast Ghost 5.0 blog theme with great typography. Comes with paid membership support, Disqus comments, syntax highlighting, and KaTeX for mathematics, and more.
Update demo URL in README
Remove built-in weblog membership features, now that Ghost portal is standard.


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

Ghost Compatability

#Mnml — a Typographically Tasteful Ghost Blog Theme

Mnml is a beautiful, responsive, content-focused theme with great typography. The use of a type-scale, responsive typography, and carefully set line-length provide an optimal reading experience. Mnml also features post thumbnails on the homepage, an elegant print stylesheet, code syntax highlighting, and more.

UPDATE: If you like MNML, check out Laminim, my ghost theme for serious bloggers, and Weblog, my new very old-school blog theme. If you would like to support my work developing free Ghost themes, use this referral link to sign up for Ghost(Pro) hosting for your blog.

If you have a question or have found a bug please open an issue and I’ll try to help as soon as possible; if you like this theme, or use it on your blog, make me happy by starring the project, or spreading the word!

#See mnml in the wild!


  • Compatible with the latest version of Ghost
  • Totally responsive
  • Paid membership support (note: don’t forget to upload the included routes.yaml file)
  • Perfect readability — MNML features a type-scale, responsive typography, and carefully set line length for the best reading experience.
  • Great Typography
    • Typeset in Source Serif Pro, Source Sans Pro, and Alegreya
    • Blazingly fast Brick webfonts
    • Cross-browser drop-capitals
    • Attractive Pullquotes
  • Responsive <aside> tags for interrupting yourself
  • Prism.js syntax highlighting
  • Better horizontal rules
  • .thumb class for inline responsive thumbnails
  • Responsive post thumbnails on the homepage
  • Elegant print stylesheet
  • Robots.txt improves SEO by removing tag listings from search engines so your content is more prominent
  • Responsive, accessible menu for static pages (or anything else) that stays out of the way [NEW!]
  • Ghost comments [NEW!], or comments powered by Disqus (loaded asynchronously so they don’t slow down your site).
  • Blazing fast
    • Non-essential scripts and styles are loaded asynchronously or deferred
    • Comments are only loaded when needed
    • Uses the fastest math rendering library, and the fastest webfont provider [citation needed]
  • Optional Math rendering with KaTeX