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# Character Sheet

## Name
> Colby

## Class
> Armed

## Calling
> You have a vision one night. You see a tower in a room, that looks like nothing you've ever seen before. The tower may have been a rook once. At the top of the tower you see a weapon. This weapon calls to you. Your village has been besieged by Rooks. Perhaps this weapon will help you save your village.

## Nature
> Introspective, quiet, mysterious

## Adventure Notes
> As a coming of age ritual an arm was attached to your back, since then you have had the same reoccuring vision. Your arm seems to be calling you to this distant tower.

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# Welcome to the Home Page for my Colostle adventures!

Here you will find my various characters and their adventures. Currently the only playthrough I have is for my Armed hero Colby which you can find here:
=> characters/colby.gmi Colby Character Sheet

Colby's adventure start's here
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# Day 0

Colby's village, known as the Orchard to it's residents, has been under siege by ice Rooks for several months now. Due to their ice magic, the harvest have greatly diminished. Many villagers are starving, some have been injured by the Rooks, others even worse. As things get more desperate Colby decides to leave everything he knows and discover the mysteries behind his reoccuring vision. Perhaps this will help our adventurer save everything he loves.

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# Day 1
## Ace of Diamond, Seven of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds (8)

The raids on Colby's village have ceased for now. Colby takes this as an oppurtunity to set out on his quest. Our hero feels called to the west, perhaps by his Rook arm. So he heads on the trail leading through the western forest. As Colby walks through the forest he sees many strange creatures. The Rooks' ice magic seems to have mutated the forest-dwelling animals.

After hours of travel Colby makes it to the edge of the forest were he sees a strange man in an unusual robe.
> Greetings traveler!
the stranger says our adventurer

> Greetings
Colby simply replies

> Leaving the Orchard no doubt. That village hasn't been the same since the frost Rooks showed up. Tell me traveler, what's your name?

> Colby, I'm tired and seeking to rest at a nearby inn. Do you know the way to the clostest town?

> Rooklyn is just on the other side of that hill. However, it isn't often I have a chance to meet an Armed one.  Why don't you come with me to my workshop?

Colby, curious but hesitant, replies
> What use am I to you?

> All will be clear in due time young traveler.

> Very well, take me to your workshop. I've never seen what manner of socery goes on in a rookshop.

The robed man whistles thrice calling down a mechanical flying rookcraft. The pair mount the machine and are flown to the peak of the tallest nearby mountain. Colby's home town is barely a spec off in the distance. The two dismount the mechanical beast outside a small structure at the summit.

> This your workshop?
Colby ask

> Indeed it is, young man.
replies the stranger.
> Here Colby, take this elixir. When the time comes you have use for it, but for now we should get some rest.

The two travellers setup camp and rest for the night

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# Welcome to Christopher Bohn's Gemini Capsule!

This is my home on the internet for various text based things that are too esoteric for the web.

## Colostle
=> colostle/index.gmi Colostle Home
=> colostle/characters/colby.gmi Colby Character Sheet