Increase title margin for h2 inside posts
Fix attachment upload

There was no default specified for
the open_graph_image flag
Add SEO description & upgrade packages
Update page title
Use an absolute url for open graph image
Fix open graph image
Add keywords & meta tags
Test successfully fail, reverting the previous commit.

Revert "Introduce a fake test to check if test fail"

This reverts commit 61ed0488
Introduce a fake test to check if test fail
Fix test script : make it fail when tests fail
Merge branch 'no-abstract'
Display an index page below the articles without abstract
Update precommit hooks
Add yaml parser to precommit
Merge branch 'master' into no-abstract
Don't deploy if not on master
Don't show abstract on articles list
Extract common code in list views
Allow "e" keyboard shortcut to edit a post