Add some more CSP stuff
Make titles more relevant
Update goatcounter script
Add gzip middleware
Revert "Add line numbers on code samples"

This reverts commit 20b2da9cd09c36da35e470656ad9eea661f66c7a.
Revert "Fix code scrolling due to line numbers"

This reverts commit eb4c4330f7fc44e5ffe730ddb6234ea2bd10a5cc.
Revert "Remove code line numbers in RSS"

This reverts commit fc7b14192ce94efe97603fb6db31634eaa3efc9e.
Add quadruple click to select all
Remove code line numbers in RSS
Fix code scrolling due to line numbers
Fix "onload" events to support multiple
Add line numbers on code samples
Fix preview button on new article
CSP allow fonts
Set security headers in django instead of reverse proxy
Use ES6 for custom script
Switch from django compressor to whitenoise
Fix debug toolbar dependency