zig ckt implementation
790904a3 — c piapiac 10 days ago
free memory on errors
4559919d — c piapiac 11 days ago
split to parser and tokenizer files to deal with easier
ac62d866 — c piapiac 16 days ago
fix comments eating up after newline


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    zig ckt parser

    this parser will parse a ckt file into to a string hashmap
    ckt is a stupid simple file format for notating tables
    you can view more about it on https://sr.ht/~cricket/ckt

    dont really use this yet; it's sort of just bodged together to work,
    and tests are lacking / incomplete.

    that being said,
    const ckt = @import("zckt").parser.table_parser;

    // ...
    ckt.parse(data, allocator);
    // returns a table of key/value pairs you can work with,
    // with values being either strings or tables.

    contributions are welcome to zckt and ckt itself!
    don't worry too much about coding style! worry more about the code itself, 
    though, please run `zig fmt` on any changed files before contributing
    and try to follow the zig style guide.

    then, send an email with your patch to ~cricket/zckt-devel@lists.sr.ht
    (unsure how? check out git-send-email.io)

    zckt is free software - it is licensed under the CP/PL license

    this means that you're free to use the software in any way you damn well please,
    as long as the copyright notice and warranty disclaimer are kept intact

    read the LICENSE file for more information

    do `git shortlog -sne` to show a list of all contributors