fish: remove expand_dots binding
fish: bump fisher to 4.4.4
git: revert merge conflict style
fzf: set info to inline-right
java: bump sdkman-for-fish to v2.0.0
sbt: deprecation of IntegrationTest scope
fish: add java 20-21 to class_version
fish: ripgrep syntax highlighting
helix: display lsp messages, enable soft-wrap
fish: bump nvm.fish to 2.2.13
golang: make ripgrep and fd ignore the vendor folder
fish: validate clone inputs
git: respect includes when listing aliases
git: conditional includes for work
fish: fix fortune call in motd
fish: allow arguments to fuzzy git log
fish: switch to global abbreviations
fish: default to yes in confirm function
fish: install nvm.fish
helix: new config options for 22.12