A Discord client mod for your Discord client mod.
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make plugin embed use tooltip
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Discord Shield

Cumcord is a Discord client mod that focuses on making the Discord plugin development experience easier.


Cumcord provides a simple installation helper at https://cumcord.com/#install that allows you to install Cumcord on top of BetterDiscord, GooseMod, Discord for Web, and more.


  • Cumcord can run as a plugin for other mods (BetterDiscord, Powercord, GooseMod, etc), so you only have to write plugins once - write once, run anywhere!
  • Sperm can create "helper" plugins for other mods that make the experience of installing a Cumcord plugin the same as installing one for the end-user's host mod
  • Cumcord plugins have no access to NodeJS for better security and web support (!!!)
  • Cumcord plugins are bundled with Rollup and are capable of using .jsx, .ts, .tsx, .css, .scss, .sass files and BROWSER SUPPORTING npm packages with no developer config
  • Cumcord includes utils for Discord tasks that don't exist in Discord's own modules
  • All Cumcord plugins are loaded via HTTP(S) and have no reliance on Git.


If you are viewing from GitHub, note that the actual repo lives on SourceHut

You can submit patches and development ideas on our development mailing list.
You can talk about Cumcord on our discussion mailing list.
Announcements can be found on our announcements mailing list.
We use Weblate for translations! Contribute here: Translation status