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#Building RetroForth

This is a quick overview of how to build Retro on a BSD, Linux, or macOS system. It assumes you already have the requirements (c compiler, make) setup in your command line environment.

#Standard Builds

A standard build should just require running make:


This will build the toolchain and a binary runtime for retro. These will be placed in the bin directory.

#Customized Builds

The basic system provides most of the functionality, but you can enable or disable specific elements by editing either the Makefile (on BSD) or GNUmakefile (or Linux or macOS).

Find the fourth section in the Makefile and either uncomment or comment the ENABLED and DEVICES lines for the optional parts you want to include in your build.

Most functionality is enabled by default. Optional things you may wish to enable include sockets, ffi, and multicore.

#More Complex Customizations

There are additional things you can update. Take a look in the manual for more tedails on this.