nga-c-wip: start work on setting up a single struct to hold the system state (#67)

FossilOrigin-Name: ca0e3ee3d97c7188edbb9ef4a86ede7ae2cc141d5d8ed20c33c9ca7a0f400c02
nga-c: add retro-wip.c for implementation changes from issue #66

FossilOrigin-Name: 6a36e1b939d5b12e9b5a7a40221a34302ea550abb879efc22460b42075a3dbcc
casket: dont require specifying the index.html for directories

FossilOrigin-Name: d6cf6ded09795da5e31872bd9cbb6fe01d2078e436202d8a94988668384cdb20
nga-c: fix bug in ha instruction

FossilOrigin-Name: b832dc786f8f87be737d11f979d1646675b50d572c154a72d3422a3114160e09
image: rename s:index-of, s:index-of-string, a:index-of, a:index-of-string

FossilOrigin-Name: 88416f7a177a6171739a75db5ad4d399735ecd29836424897629ca1787d776d2
image: rename some words

s:contains-char?  to  s:contains/char?
s:contains-string? to s:contains/string?
a:contains-string? to a:contains/string?

old names are now deprecated and will be removed after 2021.7.

FossilOrigin-Name: 5a19d7aac514c5ba87963c5f0645f3daa8a8e3dc04546c0627fa046479ecd8dd
image: sigil:: is now a hook point

FossilOrigin-Name: 3f5f0a6728041ad5465a46269d358b64a98d1b4424b5a8376c9ff8e592e419dd
image: use inline assembly for n:inc and n:dec

FossilOrigin-Name: 3e31ec7bcd7ae0c6c415a8dab10709d8525f9b1a369e7a6f7dd9157c18ca06d3
image: move hook related words to earlier in the image to allow more words to become hooks

FossilOrigin-Name: 15ce16aec360a493a709294e696af8d60fd32a1f36a215430d014dfc40a265f8
nga-cxx: add in initial image; formatting tweaks

FossilOrigin-Name: 35467c97aa2a9e99f8c84dafb3dc0887963977b266bcc964e8d3ba0ac081781b
nga-cxx: initial implementation from Arland Childers

tested and confirmed to run the test images and a basic listener.
still very early, not optimal, and non-idiomatic.

FossilOrigin-Name: 7d7fba940efdc621f63f9ac799addbecd1ddd473209e11fbe6901cbef2ae5934
nga-c: fix an issue with script:current-line

specifically, script:current-line was not working. this patch
isn't fully tested, but does fix issues in my test case. it
makes `script:current-line` immediate (so references inside a
definition will actually make sense) and fixes an issue that
was causing indented lines to be counted twice.

since this now skips indention, it should cut down on the
number of evaluations on empty tokens, which will save a little
time when running programs.

FossilOrigin-Name: 0393f609b505ec2a364831078f36ec44b633ea579e7bc0b74a9665c07f08d7ce
docs: clarify that ---reveal--- can be left out and using it without public names will corrupt memory.

FossilOrigin-Name: ecf434a6642f69195a8637bd44bbdded5fde50e21638f23d576b282c1c079bec
docs: merge in words.tsv corrections from rick_carlino

FossilOrigin-Name: 32e12784fe431a854711acf2ec45795b3c69c2e77a9824281c21678925df671f
image: fix sigil:& to return 0 as expected if name not found (bug identified by rick)

FossilOrigin-Name: 1e0bc9ce4023e9ab03cf73446bcab27a4811571fc102ca14a35bfb5b8413aaed
glossary: clarify that sigil:& returns 0 if word not found

FossilOrigin-Name: e949baafbacd0f29c688b55207db750d5abf80293d35dc045b192e1dee1d9a41
image: fix buffer overflow in n:to-string

FossilOrigin-Name: 34b4036e1a1de88c059168442b122400e6623917ba44b01758ae59cda1d4b89d
bug reporting: remove freenode

FossilOrigin-Name: c9f800bd51650ad915d9679cdec239ba849ff6a110cbff659699d2553ca2ff56
add test images for each instruction excluding i/o

the tests now include a small muri assembly file for each
instruction. if your vm runs these successfully and supports
basic i/o, it should be sufficient to run a full retro system.

FossilOrigin-Name: b80eaeb75ee2b4476f5b5a4aa62adf76da3ed11ac3b2f493f77d9bd4366f8ea9
retro-compiler: fix a duplicate #define

FossilOrigin-Name: 3a84e4797f2d2e039c029607ee2e39d09a1e16ec6622e6a931169444411e4603