752a312f880cc20644b64df3a977bf37c9da2a7f — crc 2 days ago 89570c1
casket: dont require specifying the index.html for directories

FossilOrigin-Name: d6cf6ded09795da5e31872bd9cbb6fe01d2078e436202d8a94988668384cdb20
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M example/Casket-HTTP.retro
M example/Casket-HTTP.retro => example/Casket-HTTP.retro +2 -1
@@ 87,7 87,8 @@ the requested file from any query string that may be present.

:filename (-s)
  check-for-params map-/-to-index ensure-leading-/
  &Requested &Host WEBROOT '%s/%s%s s:format ;
  &Requested &Host WEBROOT '%s/%s%s s:format
  dup '%s/index.html s:format file:exists? [ '%s/index.html s:format ] if ;

Next, I need to determine the file type. I'll do this by taking