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This is the source tree for napia, and a retroforth dialect
running on it. It's still early; expect bugs to exist, and the
spec is still evolving.

The underlying design derives from ilo. The Forth is an extended
RetroForth/ilo system.
This is a new RetroForth. It runs on a little virtual computer
called `napia`. The RetroForth system is compiled and provided
as `napia.rom`, and a set of blocks (used for storage of code &
data) are provided as `napia.blocks`.

Major additions: multiple processor cores, interrupts, new i/o
Some quick notes:

- 65,536 memory locations ("cells")
- 32 bits per cell
- block storage
- direct threaded Forth implementation
- includes a block editor
- processor allows for eight separate cores
- supports interrupts

The napia source is provided in C and Python.

Documentation is not yet present. This is being worked on; we
hope to have it complete by the end of 2022.

The RetroForth image source code is not included in the
snapshots, but is available via either Fossil or Git. See
napia.retroforth.org (via gemini or http[s]) for details.


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rm -rf retroforth-napia
mkdir retroforth-napia
cd retroforth-napia
cp ../napia.c .
cp ../napia.py .
cp ../napia.rom .
cp ../napia.blocks .
cp ../README.md .
cp ../LICENSE.txt .