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@@ 17,4 17,31 @@ ngata will be a portable computer running retro.
this is influenced by the cambridge z88, amstrad nc100, and
trs-80 model 100 designs.

underlying hardware:

- we are currently looking at using a teensy 4.1 as a base


- this will have a character lcd as the primary output
  ideally 40x4, but i can work with a 40x2 or 20x4
- this will have a small bitmapped lcd or oled display
  we are looking at a 128x64 or similar size
- input is likely to be a chorded keyboard, though might be
  expanded to a 32-36 key layout in the future
- i would like to support a thermal printer

retro configuration (initial):

- data stack: 256 cells
- address stack: 256 cells
- memory: 96k cells
- actual ram consumption: 386,048 bytes
- this will leave 64k cells free

it's probable that the memory area will be increased. the teensy
has 1mb of ram, and it's unlikely the vm and actual hardware
interface code will use most of that.

the paper area is a small holder for 3x5 index cards.