an operating system for napia
remove old array code, tighter ba:for-each
dump rom to txt format


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#atiru : an operating system for napia

This is an attempt to develop an operating system for Napia.


  • determine memory map

  • core drivers (polled?)

    • keyboard
    • display (text)
    • display (bitmap)
    • storage
    • pointer
  • filesystem

  • system calls

    • via jump table
  • applications

  • user interface(s)

Atiru is not going to try to be a POSIX-ish environment. A basic Napia system only has 64KiB of RAM, and is not (IMO) well suited to this, though it may be possible to run an older Unix style system if desired.

I'm planning this as more of a DOS model, where the OS basically gives access to a set of common functions and loads applications at a known address. Once loaded, the application is free to ignore Atiru completely.

There will not be multiple users (Napia is a personal system) or any actual security (guard your images/snapshots as you see fit).