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    - Add config option for setting browser command

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        - Add support for opening urls on click in $BROWSER
        - Highlight urls on mouse hover

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        - Substitute %s in bell command with app ID
        - Fix memory leaks

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        - use glib for printing errors and messages to user
        - add callback to work around upstream VTE bug, and improve
          error handling when terminal fails to spawn

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        - Fix building on NixOS
        - Install config to /etc (on most systems)
        - Fall back to searching for config in set in meson's sysconfdir
          (helpful for cases like nixos where the sysconfdir might be
          something other than /etc, e.g. ~/.nix-profile/etc)

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        - Remove call to deprecated VTE API (fixes build warning)
        - Use meson built-ins for setting optimization and c std
        - Drop makedoc and use meson.build to call scdoc to generate manpages

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- Add new 'bell_command' option to run a command when a bell is

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- Fix issue with segfault when building with gcc and optimizations
- Fix issue with passing argumments to commands in -e (double quoting
  helps for cases where this is still problematic)
- When using -e, PATH is searched for exe if path is not specified

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