The terminal emulator to end all terminals emulators
Bump version to 0.5
Add config option for setting browser command
Bump version to 0.4.0



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The terminal emulator to end all terminals emulators: an extremely minimal terminal primarily meant to be used with tmux.

You probably won't like its biggest feature: the lack of most features other terminal emulators have, while containing some features I want.


Install dependencies:

  • gcc
  • meson
  • ninja
  • vte3
  • vte-common
  • scdoc

To build:

    $ meson --prefix=/usr builddir

    $ ninja -C builddir

To install:

    # ninja -C builddir install

Alternatively, if you are on Arch Linux, this application is on AUR


    $ man 1 terminate


There is a default config file in this project which can either be installed to /etc/terminate/config to apply to all users, or copied to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/terminate/config and modified. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME takes precendent over /etc/terminate.