0.7 1 year, 9 months ago



    - Services that fork children now show the correct status when they crash,
      and can be restarted (todo #38)
    - Running tests no longer pollutes XDG_RUNTIME_DIR, XDG_STATE_HOME dirs
    - Files/folders created by superd are no longer read/write by "other"
    - Various internal error handling fixes
    - Only use a notification socket when running ExecStart for Type=notify
    - Fix some situations that led to restarting failing services indefinitely

    - Add missing 'restart' command to zsh completion
    - Improve displaying service Description and other fields that may contain
      a lot of text

New Features:

    - Services now log stdout and stderr to separate files under
      $XDG_STATE_HOME/superd/logs/<name>.log. superd still uses the original
      log file for its own logging.
    - Add support for multiple ExecStart, ExecStartPre, ExecStartPost, and
      ExecOnFailure lines in a .service file
    - Add support for the '-' prefix for ExecStart* commands
    - Improve parsing command line from Exec* options

    - Completion support for bash

    - Renamed ServiceStatus to ServiceState
    - Renamed ServiceDetails to ServiceStatus