a shitty wrapper for shellcheck, for when you try to use something other than x86
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scripts/shellcheck: add wrapper thing to send given script to server


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#Please do not expose this to the Internet. You have been warned.

This is a "wrapper" for shellcheck. It runs a web server, receives a shell script via HTTP POST, runs shellcheck on it, and returns the output from shellcheck.



$ cat test.sh

echo "hello world"

[ -z $test ] && exit 0

$ curl -F"script=@test.sh" http://localhost:8000/upload

In /tmp/shellcheck-web958582229 line 5:
[ -z $test ] && exit 0
     ^---^ SC2086: Double quote to prevent globbing and word splitting.

Did you mean:
[ -z "$test" ] && exit 0

For more information:
  https://www.shellcheck.net/wiki/SC2086 -- Double quote to prevent globbing ...

There's also an extremely simple HTTP form that can be used in a browser to send a script for checking.


Because I want to write shell scripts on a platform (aarch64) that shellcheck doesn't work on, because there are issues building the haskell compiler for other architectures.