A casa for your cycling ride recordings (https://ride.casa)
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#Ride Casa

This is the source code for Ride Casa (https://ride.casa)!

Ride Casa is a web application for analyzing and collecting activity (bicycling, running, etc) tracks recorded in popular formats (e.g. .tcx).

Supported formats for importing activities/tracks are:

This source code is provided under GPLv3

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#Installation / Running

#With Docker/Docker-Compose

If using the provided docker-compose configuration, the only requirements are docker and docker-compose.

To run the build/run the containers:

$ make secrets

$ make build

$ make run

#Without Docker

To run without using docker (e.g. in a python virtualenv):

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

$ FLASK_APP="ridecasa:create_app('ridecasa.config.ProductionConfig')" flask run

Or if doing development:

$ FLASK_DEBUG=1 FLASK_APP="ridecasa:create_app('ridecasa.config.ProductionConfig')" flask run

The application uses a background task scheduler (Huey), it can be started with:

$ huey_consumer ridecasa.tasks.huey -w $(nproc) -k process

#Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be set to changed to control certain aspects of the application:

RIDECASA_TMP_DIR: Used to specify a directory to use for tmp, defaults to /tmp if unset.

SQLITE_DB_DIR: Location to store the sqlite database, defaults to ./models if unset.

RIDECASA_SQLITE_DB: Filename for the sqlite db, which will be created under SQLITE_DB_DIR if it doesn't exist. Defaults to ridecasa.db if unset.

WSGI_PROFILE: Generate performance profile data for the application.

#Reporting Problems

Issues can be reported either on the Ride Casa mailing list or by filing an issue on the Ride Casa TODO tracker.


This project uses the following software/libraries: