a janky implementation of the fastboot protocol in Go
cmd/jankboot: add getvar command
pkg/getVar: add method for fetching variables from client device
pkg/openIOEndpoint: add method for opening endpoints


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jankboot is a janky fastboot protocol implementation in Go. It's meant to support only USB (and not TCP or UDP).

jankboot currently supports only a very limited set of the fastboot protocol, it isn't meant to include all functionality in other fastboot implementations.

usage: jankboot COMMAND...
 devices                                List all devices in fastboot mode
 reboot[-bootloader]                    Reboot device
 flash <partition> <filename>           Flash the given file to the designated partition

#Cross compiling for Windows

In addition to the dependencies in go.mod, the following additional things are required to cross compile on a Linux host:

  • mingw-w64-gcc
  • mingw-w64-libusb

The included Makefile takes care of setting up the rest:

$ make windows