Frontend for password-store
passlist: disable list UI when decrypting/prompting pinentry
passlist: move gpg decryption to a thread so UI is not blocked
passlist: warn on empty password, simplify



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A GTK3 interface to your password-store, optimized for mobile/handheld devices.

chat: #caerbannog on Freenode

#Features / Known Issues


  • Find password-store files to open with fuzzy search
  • Uses gpg / pinentry to decrypt and copy passphrase to clipboard (with removal from clipboard after a configurable duration)
  • Adaptive UI for use on mobile devices and desktop/large screen devices alike

Known issues and planned/wishlist features can be found at todo.sr.ht/~craftyguy/caerbannog


Contributions are welcome! Please send patches to the caerbannog mailing list at lists.sr.ht/~craftyguy/caerbannog


This application is packaged for the following Linux distributions:

  • Alpine Linux / postmarketOS ( apk add caerbannog )
  • NixOS

#Building From Source & Packaging

Build-time dependencies:

  • meson
  • glib-compile-resources

Run-time dependencies:

  • libhandy 1.x
  • pinentry-gnome
  • python3
  • anytree (Python module)
  • fuzzyfinder (Python module)
  • gobject (Python module)
  • gpgme (Python module)

To build/install from source:

$ meson _build
$ meson compile -C _build
# meson install -C _build

The application can be run from the source directory without meson:

$ glib-compile-resources data/caerbannog.gresource.xml
$ python3 -m caerbannog