content/2021-06-05-pmos-mirror-setup: new post
content/2021-05-23-bottom-bracket-remove: new post
gitignore: add static/processed_images

These are generated at build time
templates/shortcodes: add resize to width shortcode
content/2021-04-28-sendxmpp-mms: add new post
content/2021-03-21-notmuch-aerc: reference part 2
content/2021-03-21-notmuch-aerc-part2: new post
content/2021-03-21-notmuch-aerc: add post
content/garmin_udiskie.md: use rsync -a to preserve time, etc
config: don't use a unicorn vomit theme for syntax highlighting
config: add site title & description
about: add liberapay link
rename 'blog' --> 'home' in menu

This seems more appropriate..
Add atom feed
New post: Alpine Linux adventures: running a thing on system shutdown
content/garmin_udiskie: fix hardcoded disk value in script
Update about page

Remove unused about.html, and update pages/about with useful info
Add post about backing up Garmin Edge on Linux
add build.sr.ht manifest