add token for validating on my mastodon profile
post/8 cubic feet: add image of gas for shower
post/8 cubic feet: add image
new post: 8 cubic feet
content/2022-07-06-delete-stuff: new post
content/2022-03-29-alert_done: fix param to notify-send
theme/abridge: update to latest
add build script to apply custom theme patches
increase pagination to 4
themes: switch to abridge theme
content/2022-04-10-cmdline-help: add correction about long opts
content/2022-04-10-cmdline-help: new post
shortcodes/show_image: add new shortcode

this allows showing an image as-is with no processing/formatting, e.g.,
for gifs
content/2022-03-28-alert-done: new post
Revert "templates/page: add workaround for FOUC"

This doesn't seem to work when the site is remote...

This reverts commit 9496c49dc96368dffcd2660d81a25d85ab1dd6f3.
templates/page: add workaround for FOUC

templates/index: disable favicon
about: remove libera link

I don't need donations.
about: add anchor rel attrib for mastodon verification, and pgp key
content/index: paginate at 3 posts