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## Update:
See [part 2](@/2021-03-21-notmuch-aerc-part2.md) for a better solution.

## Original post:

I recently moved to using [aerc](https://aerc-mail.org/) for email after using mutt (and then neomutt) for some number of years. Today I decided to go beyond a simple maildir for organizing mails locally, and use the notmuch backend for aerc. I use neomutt + notmuch for $dayjob, so I'm no stranger to creating tag 'rules' and searching, etc. What I was unprepared for is that aerc does *not* care about sent mails after pushing them to smtp. Contrast this to mutt and it's `record` setting that will save sent mails to some configured location.

The "[official stance](https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/%3C20200812212533.116534-1-andreser%40mit.edu%3E#<20200813053634.solhxjf5jvrsm2jf@feather.localdomain>)" on this seems to be either use a custom send script that saves off the mail to a sent dir, or configure something on your mail provider to store mails in the imap Sent folder. I have been using aerc as the smtp client here, but use msmtp elsewhere. Neither support any mechanism for storing sent mails. I decided that option 2 must be the "easier" route in this case.