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> Note: There are also physical reset buttons on both keyboards which can be used to enter and exit the bootloader mode. Their location is described in section 2.7 on page 9 in the [User Manual](https://kinesis-ergo.com/wp-content/uploads/Advantage360-ZMK-KB360-PRO-Users-Manual-v3-10-23.pdf) and use is described in section 5.9 on page 14. 

### Upgrading from V2 to V3

If you are upgrading from V2 to V3, and if the flashing didn't work as expected (i.e. if you are unable to pair the keyboard via Bluetooth), then consider [resetting](https://kinesis-ergo.com/support/kb360pro/#firmware-updates) both halves of the keyboard to its native state. Make sure to use the `settings-reset.uf2` file from 
the V3 branch of this repository. After doing this, proceed with the flashing instructions above.

## Other support

Further support resources can be found on Kinesis.com: