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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This is a set of programs that contains two programs to convert an maildir to a rss feed, and another to delete programs from the rss feed. This was intended to be used with emails sent by rss2email and for viewing them with photon but it can be used with any RSS feed reader that can read from a file or stdin. A photon plugin for archiving/deleting items is displayed below.

#Photon Deletion Script

photon = require("photon")
os = require("os")

photon.keybindings.add(photon.NormalState, "d", function()
    local link = photon.selectedCard:card():link()
    os.execute("notify-send deleting " .. link)
    os.execute("maildir2rss-delete -maildir <your maildir here> -move archive -q -url '" ..
        link .. "'")

    -- Remove card
    for i = 1, photon.cards:len(), 1 do
        local card = photon.cards:get(i)
        if card:link() == link then
            photon.cards:del(i - 1)

#Usage of maildir2rss

	allow making network requests, required for getting the thumbnail on some services
#-description string
	description of rss feed (default "maildir2rss rss feed")
#-inbox string
	maildir inbox (default "INBOX")
#-maildir string
	Path to maildir
#-output-format string
	rss, atom or json (default "rss")
#-title string
	name of rss feed (default "maildir2rss")
    quiet, do not log anything

#Usage of maildir2rss-delete:

#-inbox string
	maildir inbox (default "INBOX")
#-maildir string
	Path to maildir
#-move string
	name of inbox to move to, delete if flag not present
    quiet, do not log anything
#-url string
	url to delete/archive emails containing


Send patches to ~cowingtonpost/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht.