A Dockerfile to build an image for darkhttpd (including a small mimetype extension)
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I created a Dockerfile for the darkhttpd webserver. You can find the original over at lynux4lyfe and the modified version (which i am using) at github.

Besides the Dockerfile i also added a small patch to add some MIME-types to the webserver.

The Dockerfile uses a temporary build container to build a static version of darkhttpd (the binary is build against musl) and then copies over the binary into a scratch image.

The filesize of the final image is 627kB.

How to build the image?

  1. Clone this repository and change into its directory
  2. Run docker build --force-rm -t <reponame>/<imagename>:latest .

How to run the container?

The container runs on port 8080 and uses an internal /data directory to serve the content

  1. Run docker run -d --rm -p 8080:8080 -v <path/to/the/folder/you/want/to/serve>:/data <imagename>

You can also add more parameters to the server by adding them after the run command.

For a list of parameters visit the alpine wiki of darkhttpd.

The image is on Docker Hub and Quay.io.