Python, Rust, Web/Node.js (and little Java) 16 yo developer from Mother Russia. Medvedi, Babushka, Vodka, Bereza and so on.

Email - cofob@riseup.net

PGP - https://keyoxide.org/hkp/5F3D9D3DECE08651DE14D29FACAD4265E193794D


Upload screenshots with IPFS and ShareX


Rewrite of https://github.com/cofob/tgdnsresolver


websites hosted on sr.ht


I made this repository to prepare for physics exam and learn Rust.


Forum with decentralisation and without blockchains.


DiscordSRV Python API


AuthMe Python API


LuckPerms Python API


Alfis blockchain viewer written in python and django.


Captcha plugin for Cuberite


My collection of docker images


Simple S2S messaging


Emercoin cryptocurrency API written in Python


WorldGuard Python API


Discord rich presence changer written in python

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