open org-attach directories in emacs (ex. RET on headings)
487eb162 — Cody Goodman 1 year, 7 months ago
put table alignment fix in org init so it triggers
ensure everything is correctly installed by straight
try alternate org install method with straight to fix org-version bug
try first recommended fix for straight org-version issue
fix personal haskell stuff; dont modify work haskell
disable clocked time stuff throwing error
re-enable org ql
use develop straight
remove all ensure t instances for straight
disable stuff for faster emacs reloads temporarily
remove clocked time function while it's throwing errors
disable org-ql again because of org issue

it's because org 1.9 is not loaded but org-version says it is... I
think because of how the straight org hack works?
straight install org-plus-contrib before any org stuff happens

otherwise it breaks
update straight versions
correctly use mode-line-buffer-identification
move org-agenda under org
fix setting dashboard items to '()
remove org-hack by default

straight now apparently does it by default