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#Sorting Things Out

Hi! I really hope that everyone reading this is still doing okay, and if that isn't the case, I wish you a good day!

#pip 20.2 Released!

Last Wednesday, pip 20.2 was released, delivering the 2020-resolver as well as many other improvements! I was lucky to be able to get the fast-deps feature to be included as part of the release. A brief description of this experimental feature as well as testing instruction can be found on Python Discuss.

The public exposure of the feature also remind me of some further {{pip 8681 optimization}} to make on {{pip 8670 "the lazy wheel"}}. Hopefully without download parallelization it would not be too slow to put off testing by concerned users of pip.

#Preparation for Download Parallelization

As of this moment, we already have:

  • {{pip 8162#issuecomment-667504162 "Multithreading pool fallback working"}}
  • An opt-in to use lazy wheel to optain dependency information, and thus getting a list of wheels at the end of resolution ready to be downloaded together

What's left is only to interject a parallel download somewhere after the dependency resolution step. Still, this struggles me way more than I've ever imagined. I got so stuck that I had to give myself a day off in the middle of the week (and study some Rust), then I came up with {{pip 8638 "something what was agreed upon as difficult to maintain"}}.

Indeed, a large part of this is my fault, for not communicating the design thoroughly with pip's maintainers and not carefully noting stuff down during (verbal) discussions with my mentor. Thankfully {{pip 8685 "Chris Hunt came to the rescue"}} and did a refactoring that will make my future work much easier and cleaner.