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I occasionally blog about functional programming, lambda calculus
and other computational stuff, or anything related to computers in general.
They are tagged as [`fun`](/tag/fun).
These write-ups are tagged as [`fun`](/tag/fun).

As usual, the good old [RSS feed](/feed.xml) is available.

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# System Cascade Connection

Given two discrete-time systems $A$ and $B$ connected in cascade
to form a new system $C = x \mapsto B(A(x))$.
Given two discrete-time systems $A$ and $B$ connected in cascade to form
a new system $C = x \mapsto B(A(x))$, we examine the following properties:


## Linearity

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@def title = "McSinyx"
@def tags = ["whoami", "about"]

# About Me

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title = "Free Software Works"
hascode = true
rss = "Listing of McSinyx past and current works"
@def tags = ["software"]

# Free Software Works


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### pip

[pip][] is a package installer for Python.  [Summer 2020][],
[pip][] is a package installer for Python.  [Summer 2020](/blog/gsoc2020),
I worked as an intern trying improve its new resolver's networking performance.
The final result was not quite satisfying, but I got to meet some really
nice and talented people (-;

[pip]: https://pip.pypa.io
[Summer 2020]: /gsoc2020

## Libraries

@@ 69,7 61,7 @@ lazily mapped to a ZIP file over HTTP via range requests.

[Brutal Maze][] is a thrilling shoot ‘em up game with minimalist art style.

![Brutal Maze screenshot](/assets/brutalmaze.png)
[![Brutal Maze screenshot](/assets/brutalmaze.png)][brutalmaze-recplayer]

The game features a trigon trapped in an infinite maze.  As our hero tries
to escape, the maze's border turns into aggressive squares trying to stop per.

@@ 78,6 70,7 @@ a way out (if there is any).  Be aware that the more get killed,
the more will show up and our hero will get weaker when wounded.

[Brutal Maze]: https://brutalmaze.rtfd.io
[brutalmaze-recplayer]: https://brutalmaze.rtfd.io/recplayer.html

### Axuy