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The interplanetary wheels (or floating cheeses) are platform-unique,
single-versioned Python binary distributions backed by IPFS for security
and reproducibility.  This Git repository contains the documentation
for the project.
for the project, which is rendered by [man.sr.ht](https://man.sr.ht/~cnx/ipwhl).

## Contributing

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### File Organization

The following criteria are used to check the paths to declarations:

* Location: The path to the parent directory of a declaration
  must be in the format of `$prefix/$project` as described above.
* Filename: The extension must be `.toml` and were it `.whl`
  the hypothetical name must make up a valid wheel filename
  according to PEP 427.
* Uniqueness: No pair of wheels declared in one project can be installed
  on a same system.  This is examined based on the tags in the filenames.

### Declarations

The integrity of a declaration is verified by comparing the original wheel
with the declared fields.  Before performing this, one must ensure that
the source URL has not been compromised.  Due to the lack of warranty
for the long-term availability of the source and to save resources,
an implementation may only do this for recently modified declarations,
e.g. ones added or updated by a patch.

### Dependencies

Every wheels declared must have their dependencies, including extras,
satisfied on every supported platform.

## Publish

If all checks pass, a new repository release can be published