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Note the newly set up Matrix-IRC bridge

Thank you Martin Weinelt!
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@@ 186,15 186,13 @@ via email to [~cnx/ipwhl@todo.sr.ht](https://todo.sr.ht/~cnx/ipwhl).

The maintainers of the floating cheeses can be found on Matrix
at [#ipwhl:halogen.city](matrix:r/ipwhl:halogen.city)
or [#ipwhl:envs.net](matrix:r/ipwhl:envs.net) (both point to the same room).

If you prefer IRC, join us on [#ipwhl on hackint](irc://irc.hackint.org/#ipwhl).
Note that due to technical reasons the channel is not bridged to Matrix
where we are more responsive, so please be patient.
or [#ipwhl:envs.net](matrix:r/ipwhl:envs.net).  Both point to the same room,
which is also bridged to [#ipwhl on hackint](irc://irc.hackint.org/#ipwhl)
IRC network.

There is no concept of an official chat room, so feel free
to create ones on other platforms.  We will consider bridging them
to the Matrix room upon requests.
to the Matrix room upon request.

## Social Media