doc: clearly indicate that neovim 0.7 is a minimum version

Not the only supported version
chore: add a target to generate tags

This helps when a LSP is unavailable or does not find a particular
feat: detect bat on a wider variety of systems

Some debian-based systems use put `bat` under `/usr/bin/batcat`. We thus
need a to look for `batcat` as well.

Fixes #47

[1]: https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/amd64/bat/filelist, https://web.archive.org/web/20221016131458/https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/amd64/bat/filelist
docs: Start to require nvim 0.7

The autocommand Lua API requires at least version 0.6. At the time of
writing, telescope requires nvim 0.7.
feat: add a setting to switch to the project directory

Switch to an opened project directory, in each window and for the
corresponding file.

Fixes #8
chore: update stylua in CI

The old version is too different from my local one, causing the CI to
fix: the second picker couldn't open any file

Due to options being changed for the first picker (in particular, a
custom formatter is set), the second picker was unable to open any file,
it would only point to folders.

This commit fixes this behavior by passing down only the user options to
the second picker, along with the ones specifically needed by it.

Fixes #46
fix: pass down the opts to the second prompts

Before this patch, the “global” options passed to the Telescope command
were not passed down to the second prompt (the one selecting the files
for instance). This would cause a change of layout set like so:

:Telescope repo list layout_strategy=center

not to be applied to the second prompt.

This patch fixes that and correctly passes the options down to the
second prompt.

Related to #44 (might fix it)
doc: expand the MacOS section slightly
Merge branch 'dev'
867f87a9 — Clément Joly 2 years ago
Merge pull request #41 from cljoly/global-settings

Global settings
refactor: limit identation by using early return
fix: inconsistant return type when looking for a previewer

`find_binary` was returning a string when it did not find a binary in
the table supplied, but a table when it found something. This caused
`table.insert` to error.

`find_binary` now always returns `nil` when it does not find a suitable
executable in the supplied list. This plays quite nicely with the
previews, as when the command supplied is `nil`, we don’t get any
preview. A better behavior might be to use a vim buffer as a previewer,
but that might have performance implications (#42).

Should fix #39 (at least the initial issue)
style: run stylua
doc: document the new global configuration
feat: Add global settings for the commands

Fixes #38
style: add .editorconfig

Made it consistent with the stylua.toml
fix: prepare for nvim 0.8’s health module

`require("health")` becomes `vim.health`. See the announcement
6b32ac90 — Clément Joly 2 years ago
Merge pull request #37 from cljoly/0.3.0

Version 0.3.0