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@@ 251,7 251,7 @@ This relies on a `locate` command to find repositories. This should be much fast

#### Notes for MacOS

`glocate` command used for caching on macos comes with gnu `findutils` which can be installed with
`glocate` command used for caching on MacOS comes with gnu `findutils` which can be installed with
brew install findutils

@@ 272,8 272,21 @@ alias loaddb="gupdatedb --localpaths=$HOME --prunepaths=/Volumes --output=$HOME/

After you have run `loaddb` the first time you need to reload the shell to make sure that it
exports the `LOCATE_PATH` variable.
exports the `LOCATE_PATH` variable. Then the following command should work:

lua require'telescope'.extensions.repo.cached_list()

If nothing is shown, even after a little while, try this:
lua require'telescope'.extensions.repo.cached_list{locate_opts={"-d", vim.env.HOME .. "/locatedb"}}

> *Note*: Installation and use of the plugin on systems other than GNU/Linux is community-maintained. Don't hesitate to open [a discussion][discuss-qa] or [a pull-request][pr] if something is not working!

[discuss-qa]: https://github.com/cljoly/telescope-repo.nvim/discussions/categories/q-a
[pr]: https://github.com/cljoly/telescope-repo.nvim/pulls

#### TODO cached_list